Digital Conversion

For All Types of Classic Media

Snap, Pack & Ship

Tips on Packing Your Items
Snug and Secure
  • Use cushioning for your items. While most classic media is pretty sturdy, it's best to not have film reels or tapes clanging into each other during shipping. Pack items securely and use padding to keep them in place.

  • Choose the right box. 

  • Make sure to include your name and email address inside the box. This is how we identify and track your items. 

  • Make sure to securely tape your box closed. 
May we suggest? 
United States Postal Service
While all carriers have great things about them, we are partial to USPS's Priority Mail. The flat rate pricing is straight forward, there are several box sizes available, and packages can weigh up to 70 lbs. 

Plus, boxes are free and you can pick one up at your local post office or request online at
Next Steps
After You've Shipped Your Items
Once we receive your classic media items at our studio, we'll let you know we received it at the email address you provided.

We'll include your free 
estimate and shipping credit amount. Once you give approval on the estimate, we'll get to work! Please give us 4 -6 weeks to complete your 
digital conversion order.

Prefer to print the SPS Form and complete by hand?

Contact us by email
or by phone (806) 785-8345
For general questions check our FAQs page