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Did you capture a lot of great photos and video on your iPhone over the holidays but now they’re in the cloud, and you’re not sure how to access them?

Here’s one way to download those images and video to your computer.

1.) On your computer open your Internet browser (browsers include Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type in icloud.com <(or click this link) in the URL field

2.) Once on that web page, you’ll see, “Sign in to iCloud” with fields for your Apple ID and password (Your Apple ID and password will be the same thing that you use to log into iTunes)

3.) Once you’ve logged in, you will see a screen that shows your iPhone icons

4.) Click on the Photos icon; this will show you all photos and video stored in your iCloud

5.) Now that you are viewing your stored photos and video, click on the image you would like to download

6.) Once that image loads for you to view in your screen, you will see a download icon in the top-right of your screen (It looks like a little cloud with an arrow coming from the bottom of it) Click on that icon

7.) The image will then download to your computer and you can repeat as necessary

We also offer this service for all smart phones in our studio and can download your photos and videos stored in the Cloud onto a DVD, CD or USB thumb drive. You can read more about this digital transfer service here.

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