Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Used TERMS

Digital Media– Here at KK’s studio we use the term to refer to the electronic version of images and audio. Essentially once film, slides, photos, audio etc. have been scanned and transferred to a computer.

Duplication– Making copies of CD’s, DVD’s, and  (rarely now) VHS tapes, which is:
CD to CD
(Converting footage from VHS tapes to digital is a process we sometimes refer to as transferring. See more about this below.)

Editing– We provide what’s known as cut editing services, which is simply removing unwanted footage.  

Film Splicing– The process of repairing breaks in film. 

Photo Restoration– Our process involves creating a digital copy of the original photograph and then working with editing software to create a restored copy of the original. Customers keep their original photo(s).

Scan Image– The term we use for digital conversion or transferring negatives, photos and slides to a computer.

Transfer– The term sometimes used when referring to the process of converting film, VHS/camcorder tapes and audio reels to digital; essentially transferring the data from one of the above mentioned formats to a computer.