Digital Conversion

Audio Formats include Cassettes  and 1/4 Inch Reels
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Film Formats: 8mm, Super 8mm and 16 mm
Film Transfer
Pictures and Videos on All Major Smart Phone Brands
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For more than thirty years KK's Video Studio has helped our customers preserve memories on film, slides and more. Not sure about what you have? We're happy to answer your questions.

Audio Conversion

Audio Conversion

Audio formats can include:

  • Cassette Tapes
  • Quarter-inch Audio Reels
  • Self-Recorded Records
  • Micro-cassettes

Our pricing is straightforward, and we like nice, whole round numbers. The conversion rate is $55 per CD-R, and a CD-R can hold approximately 80 minutes. After conversion CD-R copies are $10 each.

FIlm Conversion

Pricing is based on the length of film and what the footage is being transferred to, DVD or flash drive.

  • $0.15 per foot
  • $16 per DVD / Flash Drives starting at $11

Standard Reel Sizes:

  • 3″ Reel (50 Feet of Film): $7.50
  • 5″ Reel (200 Feet of Film): $30.00
  • 7″ Reel (400 Feet of Film): $60.00
  • Each DVD can hold approximately 1 hour of footage, which is equivalent to 1,000 feet of 8mm film or 2,000 feet of 16mm film.

Additional Information:
For 3-inch film reels, there is a  $1.00 rewind fee on each reel.

As film ages it can become brittle. This can sometimes cause film breakage during the transfer process. If the film breaks, our video technicians can fix it by splicing the film. There is a $1.00 fee for each splice.

Film Transfer to Digital

All transferred footage is charged but all blank or non-viewable footage is erased from the final project.

Ask about the option to transfer footage to a hard drive or flash drive.

Tape Transfer to Digital

VHS and Camcorder Tapes Conversion

Family vacations, home movies and more can be easily transferred to digital format. Pricing is based on the amount of videotape footage. The conversion rate is $32 per DVD. After footage is converted additional copies are $16 per disc.

Videotape Formats Include:

  • VHS Tapes
  • Most Camcorder Tapes
  • Beta Tapes
  • Three-Quarter-Inch Tapes

Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage. Multiple video tapes that add up to footage that is 2 hours or less can be combined onto 1 DVD disc.


Smart Phone Media Download

Not exactly digital conversion, but we can help you download photos and videos from your smart phone. We work with all major smart phone brands.

Pricing is based on the number of photos and videos and whether the images are being transferred to CD-R, DVD or flash drive.

  • $5 per CD-R / $16 per DVD / flash drives starting at $11

Slides and Negatives Transfer to Digital

Slides, Photos or Negatives Conversion

Pricing is based on the number of slides, photos or negatives and whether the images are being transferred to  CD, DVD or flash drive.

  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Loose Photos
  • $1 per scanned image
  • $5 per CD-R / $16 per DVD / flash drives starting at $11

We Provide A Free Estimate Before Any Work Begins.