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VHS or Camcorder Tape Transfer

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Family vacations, home movies, and more can be easily transferred to digital format. VHS, 3/4 inch, Beta, and most camcorder tapes can be transferred to DVD.

Pricing is based on the amount of video tape footage. Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage.

  • Video Tape Transfer
    $30.00per DVD

    • Each DVD can hold up
    to 2 hours of tape footage
    • ask about options on transferring film

  • After Transfer
    $15.00per DVD copy

    • After transferring footage we can
    make additional DVD copies for you
    • ask about options on transferring film

Your Video Tapes Transferred to DVD

Once footage is transferred to DVD, your DVD is placed in a case with an included standard cover and disc label. Or ask our studio technicians about the option to create a custom cover and disc label.

Transfer film to DVD

Additional information

Multiple video tapes that add up to footage that is 2 hours or less can be combined onto 1 DVD disc. Ask about options to transfer footage to a USB or external hard drive.

From time to time, we receive requests to transfer copyrighted VHS movies to DVD. Unfortunately due to copyright laws, we are unable to do this.

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