KK’s Video Studio FAQ’s and Digital Media Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What about my original photos? Do I keep them?
For all types of media from photos to slides, film and audio reels, customers receive all of their originals back.

2.) Will you ship my items to another studio for work to be completed?
All transfer work, digital photo restoration, and other services are done in-house at our Lubbock-based studio. We don’t ship your items to another location; the team members you meet when you drop your items off are the ones who complete the services you request.

3.) What printing sizes are available? 
Quickly view standard printing sizes available here. We are also happy to offer large-format printing starting at 11″ x 14″ and 16″ x 20″. However, if you need a larger size, we are happy to offer this service and discuss available large-format size options with you.

4.) I have so many slides to transfer, I don’t think I can afford to transfer them all at once.
We understand. For many of our customers, countless family vacations, birthdays, and other events and celebrations have been captured on home movies, on slides, and with photographs throughout many years. Until the time is right for you to transfer these to digital format, we have included this link to The National Library of Congress website which gives tips and guidance on how to best store your media. We can also work with you to transfer a set number of items at a time.

5.) I’m not sure what size the film reels are that I have.
Here is a graphic giving a basic view of the standard film reel sizes. (The six-inch reel isn’t standard but does pop up from time to time.)
Film Reel Sizes




One other note, if you have items that are heavy, you can give us a call when you arrive in the parking lot, and one of our team members will be happy to help you carry those items in.

6.) Can you convert other types of multimedia to digital?
Over the years we’ve worked with a variety of different media ranging from photo tin types to records and even floppy disks. If you’re not sure if something can be converted to a digital format, contact us and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Digital Media– Here at KK’s studio, we use the term to refer to the electronic version of images and audio. Essentially, once film, slides, photos, audio, etc. have been scanned and transferred into a computer. We also use the phrases, “converting to digital” or “transferring to digital.”

Duplication– Making copies of CD’s, DVD’s, and/or VHS tapes, which is:
CD to CD
(Converting footage from VHS tapes to digital is a process we refer to as transferring. See more about this below.)

Editing– We provide what’s known as cut editing services, which is simply removing unwanted footage.  

Film Splicing– The process of repairing breaks in film. 

Photo Restoration– Our process involves creating a digital copy of the original photograph and then working with editing software to create a restored copy of the original. Customers keep their original photo(s).

Scan Image– The term we use for transferring negatives, photos, and slides into a computer.

Transfer– The term we use when referring to the process of converting film, VHS/camcorder tapes, and audio reels to digital; essentially transferring the data from one of the above mentioned formats to a computer.


Portable Hard Drive

Example of Portable Hard Drive



Portable Hard Drive– In essence, a portable hard drive is an additional data storage device for your computer.




USB flash drive

USB flash drive



USB flash drive– also commonly called a thumb drive; it is an external storage device for data.



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